DFW series 12kV High Voltage Cable Branch Box

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  • DFW series High Voltage Cable Branch Box is widely used in 10KV,20KV,24KV,35KV cable connection system.
  • It is the main equipment and necessary system for cable branch & cable collection after the cables come out from switchgears or switch cabinets.
  • Its connection is used by high -graded insulated imported rubber to wrap those insulated or bare body.
  • The cable branch box with switch is used SF6 type insulated loaded switch.
  • Its safety degree is IP33,which is designed for outdoor operation and working without need of preventive maintenance.So it is very safe.  Its under-ground connection can anti-water and anti water soaking.
  • This product is widely used in industrial zone, business central ,mine zone ,residential district..etc,Especially for  city Power grid reconstruction project.

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Service conditions of The XL low-voltage distribution box

project data project data
nominal voltage 12kV Joint resistance 40 y Q
rated current 630A Conductor operating temperature W95P
rated frequency 50Hz partial discharge Wl0pc/13kV
Rated thermal stable current 20kA/3s moisture test 11kV/100h
Rated dynamic steady current (peak) 50kA Applicable cable type XLPE
power frequency withstand voltage 45kA/1min Applicable cable section 25°C~4 00°C
Lightning shock withstand voltage 105kV Applicable ambient temperature -40P~+50°C
    Applicable altitude w3000m
9 Rated breaking capacitor current A 45
10 Rated breaking inductor current A 16
11 Full load breaking times   >100
12 Number of operation of switching machinery   2000
DFW-12 细节2
DFW 细节
DFW 细节
DFW 订货说明


  • easy installation ,operation conveniently ,no need of  preventive maintenance,small covering area
  • it is used by stainless steel or metal steel board ,which thickness is 2mm
  • Anti-corrosion & with special Spray-painting artworks so its usage life can be more than 30 years.
  • It can be used in some harsh environments like high or lower temperature ,some dust area
  • Fully sealed structure,without insulation distance, its high voltage electric parts is with EPDM Prefabricated cable connector or use silicon rubber for people safety.
  • Its cables can be splitted into be 7 branches to work together with SF6 loading switches ,this can reach net power-supplying.
  • The cable connector can be used as switch, it can be on or off with loading. The max on-off voltage can reach 200Amp.
  • After fix the fault indicator, user can test circuit trouble very quickly
  • cheaper cost ,save cable
  • this product cover very small room to save money
  • Its cable connectors comply with IEEE386 standard,all cables are suitable for cross linking polyethylene insulated cables.
  • As for 200Amp cable connector ,its diameter is 35-185mm2 cable
  • The diameter for 600A cable connector is 25-500mm2
  • we accept OEM & ODM, our company can develop and produce this products as customers special requirements.

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