GCK withdrawable Indoor low voltage switchgear

Short Description:

  • GCK type switchgear is suitable for three-phase AC 50 /60HZ, max voltage 660V, rated current to 3150A system and  three-phase four wire and three-phase five wire,
  • It is widely used in power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises, hotels, airports, docks and the building of broadcasting and communication center, transmission & distribution and the electric energy conversion, power distribution and power consumption in PC and motor control center MCC.
  • Compared with the GCS cabinet, which has a maximum of 11 module small drawers and a minimum unit of 1/2, and the MNS cabinet, which has a maximum of 9 module small drawers and a minimum unit of 1/4, the GCK can achieve a maximum of 9 modules and a minimum unit of 1.
  • No matter GCS,MNS or GCK, there are three station states: separation, test, and connection
  • It accords with the standards IEC439 NEMA ICS2-322 as well as the GB7251-87 ZBK36001-89 national standards

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Service conditions of GCK Indoor Low Voltage Switchgear

Normal service conditions of switchgear as follows:
Ambient temperature:
Maximum +40°C
Maximum 24 hour average +35°C
Minimum (according to minus 15 indoor classes) -5°C
Ambient humidity:
Daily average relative humidity less than 95%
Monthly average relative humidity less than 90%
Earthquake intensity less than 8 degree
Height above sea level less than 2000m

This product should not be used under conditions of fire, explosion, earthquake and chemical corrosion environments.

Main technical specifications






IEC 439-1,GB7251-1

IP grade


Rated operational voltage(V)

AC 360,600



Rated insulation voltage(V)


Operating conditions



Control motor capacity(kW)


Mechanical life(times)


Rated current(A)

Horizontal bus


Vertical bus


Main circuit contact connector


Auxiliary circuit contact connector


Maximum current of feed circuit

PC cabinet


MCC cabinet


Electric circuit


Rated short-time withstand current(kA)


Rated peak withstand current(kA)


Withstand Voltage(V/min)


Structural drawing of GCK switchgear

GCK withdrawable Indoor low voltage switchgear001
GCK withdrawable Indoor low voltage switchgear002

Structural Features:

1.GCK draws out closed low-voltage switchgear, it is a fully assembled combined structure, and the basic skeleton is assembled with special profiles.

2. The frame of the cabinet, the external dimensions of the parts and the size of the openings are changed according to the basic modulus, E=20mm.

3. In the MCC scheme, the inside of the cabinet is divided into four areas (rooms): horizontal bus area, vertical bus area, functional unit area, and cable room. Each area is isolated from each other to ensure the normal operation of the line and effectively prevent the expansion of faults.

4. Since all the structures of the frame are fastened and connected by screws, welding deformation and application are avoided, and the accuracy is improved.

5. The parts have strong versatility, good applicability and high standardization.

6. The extraction and insertion of the functional unit (drawer) are operated by levers, and the configuration of rolling bearings is easy and reliable.

7. In the PC scheme, each cabinet can be equipped with one 3150A or 2500A air circuit breaker or two 1600A air circuit breakers (three sets of 1600A circuit breakers can be installed with Merlin Gerin M series).

8. The secondary coupling in the MCC scheme uses movable guide rails in the plug-in mode to ensure unit interchangeability, and each functional unit can be combined as needed, which is very convenient.

9. Compared with other withdrawable switch cabinets, this product has the characteristics of compact structure, good strength, high performance, safety and reliability.

10. The frame and door panels are sprayed with epoxy powder coating electrostatically, which has good insulation performance and is durable.

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