Jp Integrated Distribution Cabinet

Short Description:

  • An outdoor complete set of power distribution unit of three-phase AC 50/60Hz and rated voltage of 400V, is applicable to urban and rural power grids, used for control, compensation and metering of output of transformer of 10KV to transformer.
  • It realizes load control, meter reading, remote maintenance, anti-electricity theft alarm, payment control of electric charge and other functions to circuit, there is air circuit breaker that is used for breaking loads in the switch chamber;
  • Relative compensation chamber is equipped with muti-stage dynamic relative power compensation device that is of surge-free and long service life,
  • Automated control,  convenient for installation, it cuts down the investment, .
  • This outdoor switchboard complies with the standards GB/1.1-2005, GB/15576-2008 . IEC439and so on.

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Service conditions of JP type outdoor switchboard

Normal service conditions of switchgear as follows:
Ambient temperature:
Maximum +40°C
Maximum 24 hour average +35°C
Minimum (according to minus 15 indoor classes) -25°C
Ambient humidity:
Daily average relative humidity More than 50%
Monthly average relative humidity More than 50%
Earthquake intensity less than 8 degree
Height above sea level less than 1000m

This product should not be used under conditions of fire, explosion, earthquake and chemical corrosion environments.

Technical specification of JP type outdoor switchboard

Name Unit Parameter
Transformer capacity KVA 30-400
Rated working voltage V AC400
Operating voltage auxiliary circuit V AC220,AC380
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Rated  current A ≤630
Rated leakage current mA 30-300 Adjustable
Protection class IP54

Structural drawing of JP type outdoor switchboard


Structure features

• The use of honeycomb sandwich structure of stainless steel double-composite panels, flame retardant, environmental protection, thermal insulation, anti-condensation properties

• High overall strength   the surface smooth as a mirror,  internal mounting beam (board) for the hot dip galvanizing process, to ensure that twenty years does not rust;

• Front casing open, user-friendly operation and maintenance, high elastic around the door inlaid with anti-aging sealing strip, are equipped with every shade of two door locks, Ming lock with attempts to prevent rust storm hood;

• Closed with a metering chamber seal means; incoming cable box side with rain preventing -foreign bodies through the tube,

• The bottom punch ventilation holes and cable entry hole,top with a duct and screen, waterproof, rust, dust, foreign body functions, protection class: IP54.

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