Kyn61-40.5 33kv/630A Mv Draw-out Type Air Insulated Metal Clad Switchgear

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KYN61-40.5 armored removable AC metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is used with a three-phase AC 50/60HZ, voltage 40.5kv power system, used to receive and distribute electrical energy and control, protect and monitor the circuit .

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Intelligent technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1. Adopt an intelligent switch cabinet operating system
(1) The circuit breaker of the switch cabinet enters, exits, opens and closes to realize remote control or local electric operation.
(2) The grounding switch of the switch cabinet is opened and closed to realize remote control or local electric operation.
(3) All primary contact parts in the switch cabinet adopt visual interface and temperature measurement methods to ensure the safe connection of all contacts.

2.Adopt intelligent information processing system to diagnose and monitor the failure precursor of the switchgear body
(1) On-line detection and over-limit monitoring of busbar and cabinet temperature.
(2) On-line monitoring of operating characteristics of circuit breaker opening and closing speed.
(3) Online monitoring of the mechanical performance of the operating mechanism.
(4) Online detection and alarm of insulation level.

3. Intelligent anti-misoperation operating system
(1) Prompts and previews of various operations.
(2) Check the operation and lockout of misoperation.
(3) Prohibit operation prompts and operating condition prompts.

4. Intelligent function of secondary circuit
Intelligent measurement, signal, protection, control and movement.

5. Remembrance of grid failure
Wave recording, login, simulation replay and fault recording, provide analysis data.


Service conditions of KYN28 indoor metal-clad withdrawable switchgear

Normal service conditions of switchgear as follows:
Ambient temperature:


Maximum 24 hour average


Minimum (according to minus 15 indoor classes)


Ambient humidity:
Daily average relative humidity

less than 95%

Monthly average relative humidity

less than 90%

Earthquake intensity

less than 8 degree

Height above sea level

less than 1000m

This product should not be used under conditions of fire, explosion, earthquake and chemical corrosion environments.

Special service conditions

Each special service condition should be proposed in advance and confirmed by the manufacturer and user.

The dielectric strength of the air will be reduced in when altitude is over 1000m at site.

If the ambient temperature is over the maximum degree, the capacity of the using current must be lower than the designed currents for both main bus-bar and branching bus bar. The installation of area is propitious to reduce heat.

 Technical specification of KYN61A-40.5 switchgear

Item Unit Data
Rated voltage kV 40.5/36/35/33
Insulation level Rated power-frequency withstand voltage(1min) kV 95/118(phase to earth/across open contacts)
Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage kV 185/215(phase to earth/across open contacts)
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Rated main bus bar current A 630,1250,1600,2000,2500
Rated branching bus bar current A 630,1250,1600,2000
4s Short-time withstand current(rms.) kA 16,20,25,31.5
Peak withstand current(peak.) kA 40,50,63,80
Protection degree Enclosure:IP4X,Between compartment:IP2X

Structural drawing of KYN61G-40.5 switchgear

1. Enclosure 2. Vacuum circuit breaker 3. Secondary circuit plug
4. Partition (shutter) 5. Main bus bar bushing 6. Sub-bus-bar
7. Main bus-bar 8. Fixed contact box 9. Isolating plate
10. Earth switch 11. Earth switch operating mechanism 12. Cable
13. Current transformer (CT)  

Outline dimension of KYN61G-40.5 switchgear




Rated branching bus bar current over 1600A

Rated short-circuit breaking current(rms.) up to 40KA



Cable inlet and outlet


Overhead inlet and outlet


Product Features

  •  The body of the switchgear has package structure and the circuit breaker has truck falling type structure.
  •  It is fitted with a new type compound and insulating vacuum circuit breaker or SF6 gas protection breaker. It is featured by goo
  • interchangeability and easy alternation.
  • There is a propelling mechanism of feed screw nut in the trolley shelf, which makes it easy to move the truck,and can prevent incorrect operation from damaging the propelling plant.
  •  All of the operation shall be in the condition of cubicle door closed.
  • The interlock among the main switch, trolley and the cubicle body is mandatory mechanical latching and has function of "Five protection".
  •  There is enough space for cable room, so multi-cable can be connected.
  •  The protection level of the enclosure is IP4X; When the door of the trolley room opens, the protection level iIP2X.

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