SW8 Universal circuit breaker, also known as frame circuit breaker

Universal circuit breaker, also known as frame circuit breaker, is a kind of can be connected, load and break the current under normal circuit conditions, can also be connected in the abnormal circuit conditions, load a certain time and break the current of the mechanical switch electrical appliances.  Universal circuit breakers are used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and power equipment for overload, undervoltage, short circuit, etc.


The circuit breaker usually has a steel frame in which all parts are mounted.  Its capacity is large, can be installed with a variety of functions of the release device and more auxiliary contact, has a high segment capacity and thermal stability, so it is often used in the requirements of high breaking capacity and selective protection of the place.  The circuit breaker is arranged in three dimensions. The contact system and the left and right side panels of the instantaneous overcurrent trip are all installed on one insulation board.  The upper part is equipped with the arc extinguishing system, the operating mechanism can be installed in the front or the right side, there are “open”, “close” indication and manual disconnect button.  The upper left part is equipped with a shunt trip and the back part is equipped with an undervoltage trip connected to the trip half shaft.  The speed saturation current transformer or current voltage converter is mounted on the lower bus.  An undervoltage delay device, a thermal relay, or a semiconductor release may be mounted below.  SW8-2000, 3200, 4000, 6300 circuit breaker is three-dimensional layout form, composed of frame, side plate, beam frame, each contact system is installed on the frame, above the arc extinguishing chamber.  The operating mechanism is on the right front of the circuit breaker and is connected to the contact system through the main shaft.  The electric operating mechanism is connected with the mechanism through the square shaft and installed at the lower part of the circuit breaker, which is used for energy storage or direct closure of the circuit breaker. The closure after energy storage is borne by the energy releasing electromagnet.  An anti-bounce mechanism is installed above the left panel to prevent the circuit breaker from bouncing when it is disconnected.  Various over-current trips are installed under the circuit breaker according to different requirements, undervoltage, shunt trip and electric operation control part are installed on the left side, in which the undervoltage, shunt trip and the amplification mechanism are connected through the trip to reduce the tripping force of the circuit breaker.  12 pairs of auxiliary contacts for the user to connect the secondary circuit, the panel shows the circuit breaker working position of the indicator “1″ “0″ and “storage” indication, and for the closing and opening of the button “1″ “0″ (press).  Dw15-1000, 1600 circuit breaker with front manual operation handle;  SW8-2500, 4000 with maintenance manual operation handle (can be removed

Post time: Jul-27-2021