Switch Cabinet


Switch Cabinet is an electrical equipment. The outer line of the switchgear first enters the cabinet master switch, and then enter the control switch, each division is set according to it. Such as instrumentation, self-control, motor magnetic switches, various communication contactors, etc., there is also a high pressure chamber and low pressure chamber switchgear, with high-pressure busbars, such as power plants, etc., and some have a low week of warranty equipment. Load.


The main role of the switch cabinet is to perform the opening and closing, controlling and protective electrical equipment during power generation, transmission, power distribution and power conversion. The components within the switchgear mainly include circuit breakers, isolation switch, load switches, operating mechanisms, transformers, and various protective devices. There are many classification methods for switching cabinets. If the circuit breaker installation can be divided into removable switchgear and fixed switchgear; or according to the cabinet structure, it can be divided into open switchgear, metal closed switch cabinet, and metal Closed armored switchgear; depending on the voltage level, it can be divided into high-pressure switchgear, medium pressure switch cabinet and low voltage switchgear. It is mainly suitable for various situations such as power plants, substations, petrochemicals, metallurgical rolling steel, light industry textiles, plant enterprises and residential communities, high-rise buildings.



Post time: Jul-19-2021