What are the electrical appliances in the photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet?

In recent years, photovoltaic has developed rapidly. As a leading industry of new energy, it has gradually come to our life.

Among them, ground photovoltaic is mainly installed in mountainous areas, deserts, neighboring areas and other areas to make full use of the desolate land.

The distributed photovoltaic power station is mainly installed on the roof, the roof of the building or the top of the agricultural greenhouse of the factory.


Compared with the centralized photovoltaic power station on the ground, the relatively small size of distributed photovoltaic power station, but is more dispersed, generally grid voltage is 380 v, in the case of the low voltage grid, generally in the second it involves less microcomputer relay protection, normally distributed photovoltaic power station using the microcomputer protection is to prevent isolated protection device,

The device is installed in a grid-connected cabinet.

Therefore, the use of distributed grid-connected cabinets is widely used in distributed photovoltaic power stations.

What are the electrical appliances in the photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet?


The photovoltaic grid-connected cabinet is composed of anti-islanding protection device, low-voltage circuit breaker, air switch, lightning arrester, temperature and humidity heater, stainless steel box and other equipment.

The selection of the circuit breaker should be based on the actual current flowing through the circuit breaker, which is generally about 1.2 times of the rated current.


The above is general. According to different projects, the equipment in the distributed grid connection cabinet is also different. Some projects need to install electricity meter or other equipment in the grid connection cabinet, which depends on the project.

Often a friend asks, what position is the photovoltaic island protection device installed in, in fact, it is very simple.

The main functions of anti-islanding-protection device are high frequency protection, low frequency protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, reverse power protection and so on.

Anti – islanding protector will jump the grid-connected circuit breaker when a fault is detected.


Therefore, it is the most appropriate to install the anti-islanding protection device in the grid-connected cabinet.

It needs to be explained that anti-islanding protection device is a kind of microcomputer protection, when the use of the process is also needed to debug and do experiments.

At the very least, the setting of the protection value needs to be set by the field electrical debugging personnel according to the protection value given by the relevant departments. If the protection value is not set, then the protection device is useless.

Post time: Apr-19-2021