What is the photovoltaic prefabricated cabin, benefits and characteristics?

With the popularity of photovoltaic power stations, there are several important questions about photovoltaic prefabricated modules for photovoltaic power stations. What is the photovoltaic prefabricated module? What are the benefits of it?

What is a photovoltaic prefabricated module?

On the basis of the core concept of “standard distribution”, the State Grid launched the outdoor smart substation. The adoption of its cabin structure has become an important measure for the construction of secondary equipment carrier of smart substation.

With the quickening pace of smart grid construction, the speed of substation construction is relatively lagging behind. In order to speed up the construction cycle of smart substation, the State Grid Corporation of China puts forward the standard distribution substation construction mode.

Through the program of “standardized design, factory processing and assembly construction”, the smart substation (photovoltaic prefabricated cabin) can be rapidly promoted and applied.

It is an important embodiment of the new technology, new materials and new equipment of smart substation application. Because of the high degree of integration, the design of the general plane of the box transformer is greatly optimized.

It is composed of photovoltaic prefabricated cabin, secondary equipment panel cabinet (or rack), cabin auxiliary facilities and so on. It completes production, assembly, wiring, debugging and other work in the factory, and is transported to the project site as a whole, located on the basis of installation.

The photovoltaic prefabricated cabin and the secondary equipment inside realize the complete set of secondary equipment is integrated by the manufacturer to realize the factory processing, reduce the secondary wiring on the site, reduce the design, construction, commissioning, workload, simplify the maintenance work, shorten the construction cycle, and effectively support the rapid construction of the power grid.

Advantages of PV Prefabricated Cabin?

Compared with the conventional substation, the prefabricated cabin combined secondary equipment can effectively reduce the building area. The prefabricated cabin combined secondary equipment uses the method of factory processing and on-site hoisting.

Eliminate the structure, masonry, decoration, electrical installation and other links in the construction process, effectively reduce environmental pollution, effectively ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

At the same time, the reduction process is improved, and the traditional serial construction mode is changed to the parallel construction mode, which can effectively improve the efficiency of design and construction, effectively shorten the construction period, and also greatly reduce the on-site commissioning projects of secondary equipment.

Because the prefabricated cabin is assembled with environmentally friendly integrated materials and placed in the distribution interval, the length of secondary light/cable can be effectively reduced, thus reducing the cost of the project.

What are the characteristics of the photovoltaic prefabricated cabin?

With the technical characteristics of standardization, modularization and prefabrication, the manufacturer can customize the specific size according to the actual needs of the equipment cabinet, so as to adapt to the normal operation of the equipment.

Standardization: the size of the prefabricated cabin shall refer to the size of the standard container and be properly improved to meet the requirements of the equipment. In order to facilitate the normal operation of the equipment more effectively, it shall achieve the corresponding standardization.

Modularization: according to the different functions of internal equipment, the prefabricated cabin can be divided into modules such as public equipment cabin, spacer equipment cabin, AC/DC power supply cabin and battery cabin, etc. In different modules, it can be divided into several sub-modules according to the different voltage levels.

Prefabrication: the structure of the prefabricated cabin, the installation of the internal equipment, the connection between the internal equipment, the cables and optical cables between the internal equipment are processed by factory prefabrication, and the installation, wiring and commissioning of all the equipment are completed in the factory.

The prefabricated cabin and its internal equipment are transported to the substation site as a whole, and the on-site construction efficiency is improved to achieve the goal of reducing the construction cycle of the smart substation!

Post time: Apr-19-2021