SF6 gas filled switchgear Intelligent switching station (outdoor ring network cabinet)

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  • Intelligent switching station (outdoor ring network cabinet) using 12kV / 24kV switchgear, circuit breaker, load isolating switch, current transformer, 12kV / 24kV power PT, to block DTU FTU,PTU, communication control terminal (CCU), 12kV / 24kV metering and automatic meter reading.
  • The UPS power supply and indicator instruments are installed into a sealed moisture-proof stainless steel box with a moving shell, thus realizing the integration of the primary and secondary systems of the urban distribution network, the modularization of assembly, shortening the construction period and greatly improving the reliability of the operation of the urban power network
  • Switchgear is modular unit mode, which can be combined according to different uses. It can be divided into fixed unit combination and expandable unit to meet the flexible use of compact switchgear in various substations.

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• SF6 gas filled switchgear  Intelligent switching station is a fully sealed system, all its live components and switches are enclosed in stainless steel housing.

• SRM16-12  type inflatable switchgear is divided into non-expandable standard configuration and expandable standard configuration. Because of the combination of full module and half module and its scalability, it has very special flexibility.

• SRM16-12 inflatable switch implements GB standard. The design life of operation under indoor conditions (20 C) exceeds 30 years.

Main features of products

• SRM16-12  series inflatable cabinet SF6 gas as arc extinguishing and insulation medium.

• The switch cabinet is fully sealed and insulated. Buses, switches and live parts are completely enclosed in stainless steel housing.

• The chamber is filled with 1.4 bar SF6 gas, and the protection level is up to IP67:The whole switch device is completely free from the influence of external environment conditions, even in short-term water immersion and other extreme circumstances, it can ensure the normal operation of the switch, and the product is lifelong maintenance-free.

• The switch cabinet has perfect "five-proof" interlocking device, which completely eliminates the possible malfunction of personnel and equipment caused by human misoperation.

• All switchgear cabinets have reliable safety relief channels, even in extreme cases can guarantee the personal safety of operators.

• Switchgear can be divided into fixed unit combination and expandable unit combination.

• The switch cabinet usually consists of front entry and exit lines, and can also be extended side-out lines or side-out lines according to different installation positions.

• The cabinet body size is easy to install, and can be suitable for small space and poor environmental conditions.

• Switchgear can be equipped with electric, remote control and monitoring devices according to different needs of users.

The modular structure is easy to disassemble and maintain. and the module allows users to quickly and flexibly increase and delete the circuit, so as to meet the power consumption expansion demand of the machine room.

Distribution cabinet is usually composed of automatic control switch, isolating switch, fuse, contactor, relay, electricity meter, indicator light, button, switch and other mechanical and electrical components, semiconductor components and cabinet.

The automatic control switch, contactor, fuse, isolation switch and other parts selected in the distribution cabinet, to reliable performance, technical indicators to meet the design requirements, can meet the requirements of the work of computer equipment and auxiliary equipment.

There should be an emergency switch in the power distribution cabinet. When there is a serious accident or accidental fire in the computer room, it should be able to cut off the computer power supply, air conditioning power supply and new Phoenix power supply immediately.

The computer equipment control distribution cabinet should be set up frequency table: for observation of UPS power output frequency changes.

The power supply in each branch of the distribution cabinet  set up indicator light, indicating the situation of the power supply on and off.

The power distribution cabinet is based on the different requirements of computer equipment and auxiliary equipment, set up the connecting device of the middle line and the ground wire. The center wire is insulated from the ground wire and the shell of the distribution cabinet.

The bus, wiring bar and all kinds of cables, conductors, neutral wires and ground wires used in power distribution cabinets shall meet the national standards.And according to the state provisions of the color mark, number.

When the aluminum row in the power distribution cabinet is connected with the copper parts, used aluminum and copper transition materials

The insulation performance of the distribution cabinet should meet the requirements of 20.1.1 in the national standard GBJ232-82 "Electrical Equipment Hanover Test Standard", which is generally not less than 0.5m Ω.

Normal service conditions of switchgear as follows:

Ambient temperature:

Maximum +40°C
Maximum 24 hour average +35°C
Minimum (according to minus 15 indoor classes) -50°C

Ambient humidity:

Daily average relative humidity less than 95%
Monthly average relative humidity less than 90%
Earthquake intensity less than 8 degree
Height above sea level less than 2000m


pressure gauge


Fuse blow indicator


Module nameplate


Isolator / ground switch position indicator


Short circuit indicator


Capacitor voltage indication


Capacitor voltage indication

Cable compartment cover


Load disconnect / ground switch position indicator


Cable compartment cover standard


Button close / open operation


Cable compartment cover with inspection window


Spring indicator


Support rod (removable)


Self-powered protective relay


Lifting ear


Vacuum circuit breaker position


Operating handle


Switchgear nameplate

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