XGN66-12 3.6kV /7.2kV/12/kV indoor box&fixed type switchgear

Short Description:

  • It is suitable for single bus-bar systems with power levels from 3 to 12kv Three-phased AC-50/60 Hz to accept and distribution power .
  • It is distinguished with features as high grade ,small volume ,reasonable structure ,safety and dependability ,simple in running and operation

Product Detail

Product Tags

• It is equipped with VS1 vacuum circuit breakers with high breaking capacity and low closing value or VD4 vacuum circuit breakers of joint ventures and foreign brands

• In line with the national standard GB3906 "35kV AC metal closed switchgear" requirements, also meet the international standard IEC60298 "above 1kV 52kV AC metal closed switchgear and control equipment requirements

• The switchgear is a complete set of indoor devices with 3.6kV, 7.2kV, 12kV three-phase alternating current 50Hz single bus section, which is used for receiving and distributing electric energy.

• It has the functions of controlling, protecting and monitoring the circuit


 Service conditions of XGN66-12 indoor box&fixed type switchgear

Normal service conditions of switchgear as follows:
Ambient temperature:


Maximum 24 hour average


Minimum (according to minus 15 indoor classes)


Ambient humidity:
Daily average relative humidity

less than 95%

Monthly average relative humidity

less than 90%

Earthquake intensity

less than 8 degree

Height above sea level

less than 1000m

This product should not be used under conditions of fire, explosion, earthquake and chemical corrosion environments.

 Technical specification of XGN66-12 indoor box&fixed type switchgear

Main technical parameters

Rated voltage


3.6 7.2 12

Rated power frequency withstand voltage


To-ground, phase-to-phase: 42; between open contacts: 45

Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage


To-ground, phase-to-phase: 75; between open contacts: 85

Rated frequency



Rated current


630 1250

Rated short-circuit breaking current (peak)


20 25 31.5

Rated short-circuit making current (peak)


50 63 80

Rated peak withstand current (peak)


50 63 80

Short-time withstand current 4S (RMS)


20 25 31.5

IP code



Outline dim. (W×D×H)






Structural drawing of XGN66-12 indoor box&fixed type switchgear


Product Features

1.The cubicle is of assembled structure ,no welding ,high mechanical strength and artistic appearance .
2.The rear upper part is for GN30-12 rotary disconnect switch and lower part for GN19-12C disconnect switch .The mechanical interlock device operated as per procedures can provide reliable safety protection for the operation personal and equipment .
3.The main switch adopted is of monoblock type ,options such as ZN63-12(VS1-12)and VD4-12
4.Compulsory mechanical locking method is employed in the interlocks among main switches
,disconnectors and cubicle door to meet the ‘five -proof ‘interlock function,enjoying random combination with ring main unit 

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